What is WebNurturing?

All you want is a website.

You want to control what is in it, and how it looks. You would prefer to avoid spending too much time looking into details, though. You just want things to look good and work well.

Your website should be easy to use too. You prefer to add content yourself, though sometimes you wouldn’t mind a little help.

This is what WebNurturing is all about: taking the stress off having a website of your own.

Who is Sergio Santos?

Hi, there! Pleased to meet you.

I have already worked with names like Matt and Liz Raad, Tom Ewer, Kevin Spiteri, Stephenie Zamora, and Jen Yockey, to mention a few. They trusted me to help them or their own clients.

The various people and varied scenarios i have dealt with have given me knowledge and skills from which you can now benefit.

How does it work?

Yes, it is that simple. I will first help you choose the most suitable support level.

If you don’t yet have a website, we can build one together. If you already have one, we can work to make it better.

What is the cost?

All WebNurturing options include full technical support and advisory, and mentoring.

  Basic (1 hour) Regular (3 hours) Extended (7 hours)
12-month subscription (per month) $36.67 $100.83 $229.17
6-month subscription (per month) $38 $104.5 $237.5
package (per unit) $40 $110 $250

I can also help you move your website to another host. I recommend MonsterMegs.

  ≤2GiB >2GiB
Main site $120 $48 (per GiB)
Associated subdomains (each) $40 $32 (per GiB)

Subscribed time must be used within its monthly period and will not be carried over to the next period. Individual packages must be used within 30 days of purchasing.